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Rocky Duron & Associates, Inc.  |  Division 9, 10, and 11 Specialties

 Here at Rocky Duron and Associates, we sell, deliver, and install Division 10 commercial construction products throughout the Nation. Being native Dallas sites, our home office is based in Dallas, TX. Our product line includes, but is not limited to commercial restroom/ washroom accessories, projection screens, television brackets, fire extinguishers and cabinets, visual display boards, marker boards, tack boards, chalkboards, toilet partitions, commercial aluminum flagpoles, storage shelving, lockers: metal, wood, plastic & phenolic, cubicle curtain & tracks, wire mesh, and access flooring. We also offer installation services on all of our products by factory trained professionals.  

 Our 30,000 square foot warehouse facility allows us to keep many products stocked on our shelves in a variety of colors and sizes. Our large warehouse makes it easy for Rocky Duron and Associates to bring the highest quality products to our customers at wholesale prices.


Metal Lockers

RDA offers a Wide Variety of Metal Lockers Manufactured by List Industries.


Metal Lockers

Concealed Pry Resistant Locks, Stainless Steel Components, Handicapped Accessible, Unique Cash Box System, Concealed Hinges, Instantaneous Cylinder Replacement


Coin Operated Locker

By Securing storage for personal items, Coin-Operated lockers provide temproary storage for people on the go. Installed at pools, parks, corrections facilities, or shopping malls, coin operated lockers can supplement or replace clothing checking systems and allow imediate access to lockers. A proprietor has little concern over liability with customer property.

Stainless Steel Hasp Locker

This locker is built to the same high quality standard as our Coin Operated Lockers. Apaddalock is required to lock the door.                           

Sidearm Locker

A functional and secure sidearm locker. Each has a hinged, pull down door to easily access the lined compartment. Each numbered door has its own coded security lock and can be master keyed.

Individual Security Locker

Functional and secure, heavy guage individual lockers designed to meet your specifications. Free standing or wall mounted, the uniquely coded security lock has replaceable cylinder with a proprietary keying system and can be master keyed.

Evidence Pass-Thru Lockers

These lockers provide controlled security while reducing man-hour requirements. A double access system seperates the front and the rear sides. Material placed in the front of the locker can easily be processed by authorized personnel in the rear controlled area, thereby preserving the the continuity of evidence.

Airflow Locker

This systems allows a constant flow of fresh air to pass through the various compartments of the locker, which promotes the drying of body armor and other gear.


School and Sports Lockers


Metal lockers have many uses in schools and sports arenas and locker rooms along with many other places like amusment parks, skating rinks etc. Our Metal lockers are made of the highest quality materials and brought to you at factory prices. We guarantee your satisfaction with the craftsmanship of our lockers which are manufactured in the USA. Rocky Duron & Associates also offers full installation services on lockers and all other products. Contact Rocky Duron & Associates, Inc. today for pricing and scheduling information.